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Safety for your baby

Our mission is to sell the safest baby products and childrens' products available.

We do not sell products that we consider may be unsafe, such as:
- high chairs
- 3 wheeled strollers
- portable cots
- toys containing small beads

What we do sell are products that have been thoroughly tested for safety. Our products have been designed and tested to comply with Austalian and International standards, and ACCC requirements.
Many products have been designed by us.
Other products have been modified by the manufacturer according to our suggestions, to provide superior safety.
An example of our commitment to developing safer products is that we have introduced a baby bassinet equipped with a 5 point harness. This reduces the risk of your baby falling out of the bassinet.


Discount prices

We design the products and import them, then sell directly to the public.
This gives you low prices for top quality products. There are no additional margins paid to designers, importers or distributors; and we pass these savings on to you.