Modal sock SK07




Modal sock with purple flower design available from A1BabyCare discount childrens products



Purple flower pattern sock with the following features:
- 65% modal, 25% polyester and 10% elastomer.
- Thick quality socks.
- Extra elastic at the top to hold the socks up better.
- No loose threads inside the sock make it easier to put the sock on, and improve comfort.
- Anti-slip soles.
- The size is marked on each sock.

Most socks used brushed cotton. Modal is the quality choice for socks:
- Modal is a cellulose fibre that can be machine washed.
- Modal is stronger, more durable and smoother than brushed cotton.
- Modal does not pill or fluff like brushed cotton.
- Modal retains bright colours for longer than brushed cotton.
- When washing the socks, modal releases dirt more easily than brushed cotton.
- Modal has a soft, smooth and luxurious feel.
- Modal absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton; for drier, more comfortable socks.




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