pram baby carriage pushchair stroller available from A1BabyCare

A1BabyCare E005
2 in 1 bassinet and stroller system engineered for safety
Designed in Australia

pram baby carriage pushchair stroller available from A1BabyCare











Why is it important to comply with standards?



Standards provide an independent measurement of the safety and durability of a pram/baby carriage/stroller. It is proven to comply when:



- The test is conducted by an independent test organisation
- The test office is approved by the CPSC to conduct the test (for ASTM F833-13)
- The test results show that it complies with the standards
- The test results are published and verifiable



Some manufacturers claim that their pram or stroller complies with standards, when it does not comply. To check if a claim is genuine look for published test results.



Where can I get spare parts?



Spare parts can be purchased online through



Why is the online manual different to my printed manual?



The online manual is updated. For the latest information refer to the online manual for your product.



Why does the raincover look wrinkled?



To comply with safety standards the raincover does not use volatile phthalates as plasticizers, this results in a raincover which appears wrinkled. There is no loss of durability for the raincover.