pram baby carriage pushchair stroller available from A1BabyCare

A1BabyCare E005
2 in 1 bassinet and stroller system engineered for safety
Designed in Australia

pram baby carriage pushchair stroller available from A1BabyCare











Why is A1BabyCare E005 safer for babies and children?

1. Proven full compliance with AS/NZS 2088:2009 (Australia, New Zealand)

2. Proven full compliance with ASTM F833-13 (USA)

3. A 3 point harness in the bassinet

4. A 5 point harness in the seat with 3 shoulder harness height adjustments

5. A low center of gravity for better stability

6. Sealed adjusters to keep out fingers

7. A ventilated seat for airflow with the raincover fitted

More quality features

1. A fiber composite and aluminium alloy frame for light weight and corrosion resistance

2. Both the bassinet and the stroller seat are reversible

3. High strength, suitable for a single child up to 30 kg (66 lbs)

4. Includes 2 machine washable padded stroller seat inserts

5. Stroller seat covers can be removed without tools, and the hood reinforcing bar slides out

6. Quick release rear wheels with pneumatic tyres

7. Quick release front wheels with EVA tyres

8. Single button stroller seat recline adjustment with 5 marked positions

What is included?

1. A frame with a height adjustable handlebar

2. A stroller seat with a removable child handbar

3. 2 machine washable padded stroller seat inserts (one to use whilst the other is washed)

4. A bassinet with a mattress and footcover

5. A raincover that fits both the bassinet and stroller seat

6. A suncover that fits both the bassinet and stroller seat

7. A lined footmuff that fits the stroller seat

8. Quick release front and rear wheels

9. A color printed manual and a warranty card


A 2 year manufacturer warranty is provided, plus you have the assurance of 30 days change of mind refund (subject to conditions).

Safety for your child

eBay have been advertising that they sell items similar to an A1BabyCare pram. This claim is false.
Beware of other products that are falsely advertised or unsafe. Importers selling prams manufactured in China offer low prices and claim superior safety, and some have test reports from the Chinese manufacturers. However, to date all samples we tested were found to be falsely advertised and failed the Australian mandatory safety standard for prams and strollers. A number of importers (especially those selling on eBay) have been successfully prosecuted, but it is a slow process and there are many importers.
A European report tested 20 combination prams and strollers, and found that none of the samples tested complied with their safety standards.
Only A1BabyCare offers proven safety and true value in a quality pram designed and tested in Australia.
A1BabyCare prams have been tested by a certified laboratory and have been tested in Australia by a NATA accredited laboratory. To receive a copy of the test reports please contact A1BabyCare at or by phone on 02 9477 1329.
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